Performance, education, and collaborative research for health, justice, and community-building.

Bio - Healthcare

Marie A. Garlock, PhD, designs participatory research and educational initiatives, and as a communication specialist and performing artist, is dedicated to centering the stories and priorities of persons facing life-threatening illness. Her awarded narrative research and arts leadership on health equity issues such as advanced cancers includes partnership with: the US Commission on Civil Rights and ArtPlace America; hospital systems, universities, and medical schools; and health rights, environmental health, and healthcare quality trainings across the rural US South, Malawi, Kenya, and Tanzania. 

If Flipping Cancer, add:

The Flipping Cancer keynote is a live performance installation in story, dance/movement, sound and visual landscapes, created from interviews with people who face advanced cancers. This dynamic production is tailored to potent themes in cancer care, with a hospital-based workshop and open rehearsal series involving healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers. Flipping Cancer hosts critical inter-professional dialogue, develops intersectional understanding of patient advocacy skills and ethics, and motivates creative approaches to partnering with vulnerable populations with advanced cancers.