Organizing for health and justice through performance and community collaboration.


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It is In You

As led by Marie Garlock, It is In You projects create unique, dialogue-based health and social change communication events. 

In performances, workshops, residencies and research presentations, participants in It is In You projects build skills and knowledge to engage tough problems, from grounded and systems-level perspectives. Through creative inquiry and the freshness brought by improvisation/play and interactivity, participants envision constructive, community-specific openings and solutions, which involve diverse community stakeholders.

It is In You projects and events invite us to re-imagine and re-inhabit our bodies, relationships, and institutions toward health justice, social justice, and violence transformation.


Thank You

African American Dance Ensemble

Alliance of Carolinians Together (ACT) Against Coal Ash

Breast Cancer Action

D. B. Chavez Art

Egg in Nest 


Forward Together Moral Movement NC

HeartSpace Spiritual Resources

National Center for Health Research

Root to Move

Self Healing Options

Theater Delta

The Process Series

Well of MercyThe Compass Rose Healing Arts

White Orange Youth

all community supporters and donors

especially Andrew, Mom, Dad, Hunter, and a beloved circle of elders and mentors



Tax deductible donations for helping to produce and tour Flipping Cancer and other It is In You projects can be made online or by mail through 501c3 HeartSpace Spiritual Resources

Note "It is In You" or "Flipping Cancer" in subject line. Please also mark your address if you would like a tax deduction letter documenting your donation. Thank you for your support!

Clients and Partners List

African-American Dance Ensemble

Breast Cancer Action

Cancer Centers of North Carolina

California State University-Fresno

Carolina Friends School (Art and Social Change, Civil Rights, Dance and Theater, Music curricula)

Dickinson College (African Studies, Community Studies and Oral History, Dance and Theater, Development Studies curricula)

Duke University (Duke Global Health, Duke Performing Science Initiative)

Florida International University and Miami Beach Urban Studios (Art and Art History)

Forward Together and NAACP NC Moral Movement

Halle Cultural Arts Center (Egg in Nest Studios)

Harland’s Creek Productions (A Simple Gift)

HeartSpace Spiritual Resources and Triangle Interfaith Alliance

Hueism Pictures Film Company

Human Rights and Global Health Conference, Dar es Salaam (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Justice Theater Project

Lineberger Cancer Center UNC (Chaplain’s Programs)

Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern (Reproductive Health)

Louisiana State University (Communication--Performance and Cultural Studies, Health Communication)

Nautanki Performance Project India

NC NAACP - Coal Ash Waste, Health, and Race project

Network of Biblical Storytellers

New Life Homes Kenya

North Park University Conflict Transformation Program (Communication and Theater Arts, Dialogue Program, Divinity School, Global Studies, Nursing School, Depts of Psychology, Biology, Exercise and Sport Science curricula)

Ohio University, Communication for Development and Social Change, Global Conference

Oral History Association (US)

San Jose State University (Performance Studies and Communication Studies)

Swain Studios (Iraq/Afghanistan War Project and PTSD) and Institute for the Arts and Humanities (The Process Series)

Theater Delta

UNC Center for AIDS Research (Liaison for Health, Faith, Arts Initiatives)

UNC Chapel Hill School of Arts and Sciences (African, African-American and Diaspora Studies, Department of Communication, Campus Y, Sonja Hanes Stone Center for Black Culture and History, Upward Bound Program)

UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine (Intensive Integration and Application Phase Curriculum) and Health and Allied Sciences (School of Public Health, School of Social Work, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Global Health Office)

United Methodist Churches (Triangle/Triad, NC)

US Commission on Civil Rights--Southern Regional Office

Wake County Schools Diversity Policy Initiative

White Orange Youth Tanzania


Youth Organizing Institute