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InterPlay Graduation: Anointing with Sparkles and Feathers (Oh MY!)

Added on by Marie Garlock.

Um, so this is THE - MOST - FUN - GRADUATION that's ever existed! The boundaries continue to just explode open with Phil and Cynthia, Agnotti, Soyinka, and their Wing It! troubadours.

What gorgeous human beings to keep company with: how does one get so dang lucky? All I know is that being blessed and anointed, flower adorned with offerings and prayer reminds you that it is not yours to question "why", but simply, sometimes to receive with gratitude. A thankfulness that enlivens you to dance, and sing, and praise, with less inhibition and fewer "am I good enough?" blocks. To perform and explore, to learn and re-learn and un-learn with contemporaries who share the same commitments to social action, embodied exploration, and spirited weaving of the human and divine -- it's pretty much like receiving a communion or big old forehead full of holy oil. But it's across your whole body, and from the inside out. You accept, are humbled, and proceed to revel.

What a group of teachers and friends. Inspiring, grounding, rooting -- re-rooting -- helping one another listen for the gusts swirling all around them, by which to soar as they never could have before this serendipitous, immersive meeting.