919 607 5533


Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
March 9-10, 2010 Residency, 10th Performance
Community Studies Center, Director Susan Rose
Artists Prof. Paula Aarons, Drummer Atandi Anyoma, Ryan Koons

Communication for Development and Social Change, Athens, OH
Conference Evening Performance at 8pm, April 2nd, 2010
Intro Karen Greiner, Artistic Collaboration, Ohio University

San Jose State University and California State University-Fresno
SJSU April 12-14, 2010 Residency, 14th Performance
Dr. David Terry, Dr. Matthew Spangler, SJSU Performance, Dance, Theater
CSU-Fresno April 15-16 Residency, 16th Performance
Dr. Devendra Sharma, Performance & Communication for Social Change/Health

St. Joseph's CME, Chapel Hill, NC
April 29th, 2010 Performance at 7pm
510 W. Rosemary St.

Fort Valley State University, GA
September, 2010 Residency, Performance
Dr. Maisha Akbar and FVSU Dance Theater


Carolina Friends School, Durham, NC
Residency, February 4-5, 15-17
Performance for Upper School, February 17th, 2010 at 1pm
With Annie Dwyer, CFS Dance Director
Feat. CFS Dancers, Drummers, Poets & Chaunesti Webb Lyon

NCA Chicago
Saturday November 14 at 11am
Boulevard B, Hilton Chicago
Presentation at 2009 National Communication Association
made possible by loving community in North Carolina, Tanzania
and the UNC Center for AIDS Research

Woman's Club of Raleigh, NC
November 18, International Affairs Luncheon, Keynote
Introduction Carolyn Lane, Partner White Orange Youth

Oral History Association
Friday October 16 at 9:15pm
Louisville, Kentucky, Galt House
Presentation made possible by National Oral History Association and Dr. Della Pollock,
OHA Organizers Madelyn Campbell, Alicia J. Rouverol.

made possible by loving community in Tanzania and Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Soma Café
Monday October 12 at 7pm
Northern Dar es Salaam, Embassy Avenue
Performed by Marie Garlock with Sajo Israel (original a capella rap)
Abdul Mursaly (Poetry), Robert Hizza (Drumming), opening "Book Week"
Presentation made possible by Soma Café and Demere Kitenga, Tanzania Gender Networking Programme and Prof. Marjorie Mbilinyi, Dr. Eunice Sahle of UNC
Honored Guests including: Aloys Madulu of Kimara Peer Educators and Episcopal Conference of Tanzania, Demere Kitenga founder of Soma Cafe, Eunice Sahle, Dar Comedy Players Director

Community Event at Njoro in Moshi
Saturday October 10 at 6pm
Njoro Neighborhood, Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region
Performed by Kilimanjaro Wizard Arts Group (dancing, drumming), Marie with Upendo (Mama Machungu) and Shabani (Dala Dala)
Presentation made possible by John Kessy, White Orange Youth Centre, Upendo Mwaluswa, Kili Wizards Participatory Dance and Theatre
Honored Guests including: Youth and Community of Njoro, Mshikano Chawamaki Kilimanjaro Region Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Representatives

Bagamoyo College of Arts Festival Friday October 2nd at 8:45pm
Performed with and including Honored Guests: Watoto wa Mungu Choir (Children of God) of Hananasif Children's Center (School, Home in Dar es Salaam & Shamba Shule), Ensemble of Sajo, Abdul, Robert and Upendo with Kilimanjaro Wizard Arts Group, John Kessy and John Afro of White Orange Youth Centre

Alliance Francaise, Human Rights Conference Opening
Thursday October 1st at 7:15pm
With Director Joseph Megel traveling from North Carolina,
Designer Andrew Synowiez with Monte Evans and Matthew Synowiez from NC/TN
Performed by MG with Sajo Israel (original a capella rap)
Abdul Mursaly (Poetry), Robert Hizza (Drumming)
Presentation made possible by Alliance Francaise and Art Dir. Keltouma Bourhi, Head Dir. Didier Martin, Human Rights Conference Organizers Dr. Eunice Sahle and Dr. Altha Cravey
Honored Guests including Pfiriael Kiwia and Willibroad Manyama of Kimara Peer Educators and HIV Health Promoters, Rina Bhanji of What's Happening in Dar es Salaam, Dr. Lodhi of Muhimbili Hospital and HIV Testing and Treatment Clinic, Drs. Altha Cravey and Eunice Sahle of UNC-CH, Prof. Marjorie Mbilinyi of Tanzania Gender Networking Programme

Interfaith Youth Forum for Peace
Wednesday September 24 at 3:45pm
Tanzania/Dar es Salaam Chapter held at Alliance Francaise
Forum Topic: Gender
Presentation made possible by and including honored guests: Samir, Interfaith Youth Forum for Peace Tanzania Chapter and all youth members (secondary school youth from Muslim and Christian faiths)

Partners', Health Educators' and Artists' Meetings

Oct. 12, Dar Partner Visits
Meeting and materials with Hananasif Children's Center Director Hezekia and MG, Artists' Meeting and Departure with Sajo Israel, Robert Hizza and Abdul Mursaly (Oct. 12 – Departure Evening)

Oct. 12, Soma Cafe Performance, Dar es Salaam

Oct. 9-11, Moshi Partner Visits
John Kessy & Upendo Mwaluswa; Bwana Mike Msoka and ceremony with members of Mshikano Chawamaki Kilimanjaro Region Persons Living with HIV & AIDS

Oct. 10, Njoro Community Event Performance, Moshi

Oct. 3, Bagamoyo Region Island & Boat Ride
Original partners Gertrude Moragwa, Sajo Israel and John Kessy, John Afro, Catherine Paul, Khery Mbiro, Robert Hizza and Abdul Mursaly, Director Joseph Megel, Performer Marie Garlock, production director Andrew Synowiez with guests Monte Evans, Matthew Synowiez, Furaha, and Edgar

Oct. 2, Bagamoyo College of Arts Festival Performance, Bagamoyo

Oct. 1, Alliance Francaise Performance, Conference Opening, Dar es Salaam

Sept. 28-29, Dar es Salaam, Kimara Peer Educators' HQ & Prime Ministers' Office
with Director Joseph Megel, MG and original partners Kimara Peer Educators' Directors Mama P. Kiwia, Bwana W. Manyama; National Stigma Reduction Training (created by KPE) Launch Ceremony by Tanzanian Ministry of Health

Sept. 24, Interfaith Youth Forum for Peace Performance, Alliance Francaise, Dar es Salaam

Sept. 23-Oct. 1, Multi-city Rehearsals
Directed by MG and Director Joseph Megel, with original partners Sajo Israel, Upendo Mwaluswa, new artists Abdul Mursaly, Robert Hizza, with filmmaker Andrew Synowiez, joined by performance ensembles Watoto wa Mungu Children's Choir of Hananasif Children's Center (1 Dar Rehearsal with Abdul, Robert, Andrew), Kilimanjaro Wizard Arts Group (Rehearsal at Arts Festival)

Sept. 18-22, Moshi, Performance Planning and Ishi Campaign Visit
with John Kessy, Upendo Mwaluswa, Marie Garlock and Andrew Synowiez; Ishi/Life Campaign visit, interactive youth forum run by Upendo M. on HIV, gender roles/divisions and sexuality with 50 rural interfaith youth 14-25 yrs., Moshi Rural; Interviews/filming with White Orange Youth Leaders John Afro and John Kessy, Kili Wizards Leader Upendo Mwaluswa, rehearsal with Kilmanjaro Wizard Arts Group

Sept. 15-17, Morogoro, HIV Stigma Reduction Training
led by Bwana W. Manyama of partnering Kimara Peer Educators, Aloys Madulu of National Episcopal Conference of Tanzania on HIV & AIDS; attendance: Nuns, Priests, Church Leaders from throughout Eastern/Central Regions, MG & filmmaker Andrew S.

Sept. 14, Artists' Ensemble Meeting
MG with artists and partners Lusajo "Sajo" Israel, Robert Hizza, Abdul Mursaly, Reviewing Script of "It is In You," entering material into conversation with partners

Sept. 14 – Tupendane Culture Group Dance Class, MG program org. for UNC students
Sept. 13 – Chuch and Interview with Bwana Hezekia of Hananasif Children's Center, MG with AS filming
Sept. 11 – Summit/Gathering with Gertrude Moragwa, Cathy Paul, Khery Mbiro, MG, AS, original partners, roommates
Sept. 10 – Bagamoyo College of Arts, venue planning; MG, AS, Dr. Bura
Sept. 9 – Alliance Francaise in Dar, venue planning; MG, AS, Keltouma Bourhi
Sept. 8,9 – Tanzania Gender Festival, Dar es Salaam; MG attendance(with UNC students & faculty, film by Andrew Synowiez)
Sept. 5 – Kimara Peer Educators' visit, MG with Peter Kaaya, "It is In You" script review with Mama Pf. Kiwia, original partner and founder, director, KPE
Sept. 4 – Kimara Peer Educators' visit, MG with Peter Kaaya, "It is In You" script review with Bw. W. Manyama, original partner and Vice Director, KPE
Sept. 4 – Artists' Preliminary Materials and Meeting with Lusajo Israel and Abdul Mursaly
Sept. 2-3 – Zanzibar Field Trip, MG Program Assistant for UNC Global Program's 16 students
Sept. 1 – Bagamoyo Field Trip, MG Program Assistant for UNC Global Program's 16 students
Aug. 30 – Hananasif Children's Center Visit, NC Community Gift Distribution, MG with Founder and Director Bwana Hezekia, Dar es Salaam Hananasif District
Aug. 27-28 – Mama/Professor Daines Sanga (Dance Faculty, UDSM), home visits with MG and later UNC Professors, 3 students; "It is In You" script review with Mama Sanga, original partner and Tanzanian dance/choreography instructor
Aug. 26 – NGO visits with UNC students org. by Dr. E. Sahle, Haki Ardhi, TGNP, TAMWA
Aug. 24-25 – Orientation & tour at UDSM for UNC Program Students; Dr. Bathily Lecture, Bw. Nyang'oro of UNC with UNC faculty, Research Flat housing negotiations
Aug. 20-23—MG Program Assistant for 16 arriving UNC Global students & 2 faculty, JRO Airport to UDSM, orientation on housing, safety, travel and communication
Aug. 23 – Arrival Visit Cathy Paul and Khery Mbiro, original partners with MG
Aug. 22 – Arrival Visit Lusajo Israel with Abdul Mursaly, original partners with MG
Aug. 21 – Arrival Visit Mama Daines Sanga and Dr. Herbert Makoye UDSM Fine Performing Arts Faculty & Director, meeting with MG (Aug. 20 – Arrival Evening)

July 2009 News
What's next?
With your support making it possible, the project has excitingly been invited to return to Tanzania!

In October, it will open a Global Health and Human Rights Conference, and in August and September it will continue in collaboration with HIV arts and peer health education groups in neighborhoods in Dar es Salaam and Moshi, Tanzania.

A documentary will be made as a future teaching tool, and to record this collaboration, and upon return, the piece will be featured in partnership with national conferences and local schools, group homes, health, and women's groups in North Carolina.

This week!: Help bring the {it is in you} Project back to Tanzania!

BENEFIT Party at Montague Lake:
Community Celebration to send the {it is in you} Project with Marie Garlock to Tanzania
Sunday July 26 at 4pm
Performance, Live Music and an Afternoon at the Lake!
10298 Penny Rd, Raleigh NC, 27606

Tax Deductible Donations can be made to sponsoring 501c3:
HeartSpace Spiritual Resources
c/o: 610 W Morgan St #325, Durham, NC, 27701

A generous local business owner has approved Corporate Matching Grants $100 to $500!
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