Performance, education, and collaborative research for health, justice, and community-building.

Wedding Ceremony - June 20, 2013
Alex Maness portraits/film/photography/art (website)

Wedding Blessing - July 20, 2013
Adam Pyburn photography/film

Wedding Preparations

Friends who lent their arts

UJAMAA - Principle of community support; specifically, to invest in community members' ventures for mutual progress

Andrea Carter, Ngozi Designs (M+A's dress, tunic)

Food (justice-, love- and sustainability-centered):
Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe - catering of all kinds
Bread Uprising panaderia/bakery - vg/gf options
Neomonde catering, jenny's, della's, barbara's wedding cookies, figs, plums

Groovin Music:
Peter Lamb and the Wolves
Hunter, Jaime Eggleston

Rev. Stacy Grove - Spiritual Health Resources, Heartspace Spiritual Resources (interfaith cross-cultural peacebuilding + service)
Rev. William Green - Network of Biblical Storytellers, Cary First United Methodist Church
Baba Chuck Davis - African American Dance EnsembleDanceAfrica Festivals

Jenny Eggleston - Egg in Nest Studio, Fig No. 9 Projects reimagining the Garden of Eden (through feminisms, visuality, poetry)
Kimberly Korb - Compass Rose Healing Arts
Paulina Seila, flowers
Women's Circle

Places to support who gave in-kind donations:
Village Cleaners Dry Cleaning (Beth, Vaji Dehghan), Alley 26 Bar (Kian Kamyab, Rachel Ash), Maria Brubeck PhotographyShin-Yiing Yeung Yoga + Physical Therapy, Rachel Cotterman Yoga, Danny Cowan Three Bellows Bread Bakery

Jackson Center for Making and Saving History (Della Pollock), Orange Co. Rape Crisis Center (Aly Culin and Eric Johnson), Amani Childrens' Homes Kenya (Rob Stephens), NAACP Moral Mondays Movement (so many lending + participating with your spiritual sustenance), Kimara Peer EducatorsWhite Orange Youth Center(honorary wedding party members, John Kessy and Upendo Mwaluswa Kessy, Moshi, Tanzania)

Songs include:
cocoon, bjork (bjork)
cosmogeny (bjork)
constant surprises (little dragon) 
you make me like charity (the knife)
water no get enemy (fela kuti)
if you want me to stay (sly family stone)
camel (flying lotus)

Special thanks to our toasters: Barbara Garlock, Deo Garlock, Della Pollock, Jenny Eggleston, Matt Synowiez, Graciela Seila (June 20)
Deo Garlock, Graciela Seila, Monte Evans, Peter Synowiez, Diane Garlock Geis, John Handy Bosma, Tim Rakes, Sean McKeithan and virtually Hunter Garlock, Scott Synowiez (July 20)