Performance, collaborative research, and teaching for health, justice, and community-building.

It Is In You projects, led by Marie Garlock, activate more equitable access to health, justice, and community-building in live performances, collaborative research, and teaching.

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It Is In You events, courses, and research partnerships connect people to their own bodies and stories, exactly as they are now--a vital act for those of us who face advanced illness, social crisis, or cycles of violence.

It Is In You initiatives hope to enliven our curiosity about creativity itself--especially in unlikely places, around taboo subjects, and as led by persons living daily with health and civil rights challenges. Creativity in our stories and bodies can awaken our integrity as both political and playful; it can light up individuals' strengths and manifest in spirited collectivity.



Institutions, organizations, and initiatives benefit from strengthened community engagement and inter-professional learning through It Is In You programming. Site-specific content improves communication, inspires leaders, and enhances actionable knowledge on health and equity issues.

• Interactive, Skills-Based Workshop Facilitation

• Research-Based and Performance Keynotes

• Curricula Design for Inclusive Education and Leadership Strategy

• Community-led Documentation, Messaging, and Public Mobilization



With audiences of 50-500 for keynote productions and 15-150 for interactive curricula and tailored workshops, clients include:

• Hospital Systems and Healthcare Providers

• Universities, Professional Certification and Continuing Education Trainings

• Multi-year Public Arts and Sciences Grants, Institutional Initiatives for Participatory Research

• Leadership Retreats for Foundations, Businesses, Nonprofits, Civil Society Organizations