Organizing for health and justice through performance and community collaboration.

Interactive workshops based in performance and community-generated research awaken our consciousness through listening and witness. Interactive workshops can help us find embodied, intuitive, and innovative ways to mobilize for specific practices toward health and social change.

With It is In You, Marie leads performance-based communication workshops which help participants creatively respond to challenges they face, and build everyday assets to pursue justice and peace in our communities. Workshops range from one hour to a half-day or day-long session; or a series of workshops can be offered in a weeklong residency or as a multi-week series. Workshop offerings are tailor-made for organizations, schools, classrooms, and if desired by collaborators, can result in presentations to public audiences.



Light in the Tunnel: Journeys with Cancer -- weekend workshop culminating in public presentation through InterPlay performance forms based in improvisation and play; designed as creative health communication for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, for Raleigh, Asheville, and more

Our Bodies, Our Stories: Performance Workshop for Intergenerational Movement-Building -- for NC Environmental Justice Network Summit, afternoon session with 40 intergenerational participants, co-led with scholar-activist-artist Pavithra Vasudevan

Body as Sanctuary -- workshop for persons experiencing loss, grief, and currently facing illness; for Union Art Gallery's Special Exhibition by Dr. Renee Alexander Craft, Cosmo Whyte

Duke Cancer Institute -- InterPlay afternoon workshop for patients and caregivers, (flyer) and InterPlay evening workshop for oncology healthcare providers (flyer), Duke Cancer Institute media

Cancer Centers of NC -- workshops and retreats for patients, caregivers, health professionals and social workers at Cancer Centers of NC; movement/dance, story/performance, with live sound healing musician Rev. Stacy Grove

Amani Homes -- Youth Drug Rehabilitation Program afternoon performance workshop for teens and univ. students, Lamu Kenya

University of Nairobi, Kenya and Kilimanjaro Arts Collective, Moshi, Tanzania -- Cross-Cultural Understanding Dance Exchange workshop, Oral Literature + Performance (UoN) and community capacity building (Moshi, TZ)

Sonja Hanes Stone Center for Black Culture and History -- "Race, Gender, Toxicity" performance workshop engaging Cherie Moraga's play "Saints and Heroes" with black feminisms students (Dr. Tanya Shields), offering Breast Cancer Action + global performance for social change theory + methods

International Women's Day -- "Embodying Women's Poetry and Political History" dance/movement and poetry workshop for participants in southeast US International Women's Day

LGBTQ Center of Raleigh -- "Taking a Stance: Conflict Transformation and Embodied Action" public workshop in Theatre of the Oppressed and InterPlay methods

Forward Together, NC NAACP Freedom Summer -- "Embodying Justice" dance/movement, storytelling, InterPlay + community-building workshop for statewide youth leaders and clergy in Moral Freedom Summer; all night teach-in at NC Old State Capitol 

Youth Organizing Institute -- "School to Prison Pipeline and Re-shaping the Prison Industrial Complex" dance/movement and story performance improvisation workshop for youth activists; all-day regional teach-in

Oral History and Performance interactive lectures and workshops for classrooms -- Topics like "Researching Equitable Education Access", "Land Displacement, Culture, and Justice", "Ethnography in Action", "Creative Communication and Women's Leadership", "Rhetoric and Movements for Social Change", "Ethics of Service Learning and Interviewing", and more