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Secrets of Leading -- DC InterPlay Training

Added on by Marie Garlock.

Joy upon Joy. To be supported in training-up to do an informed, ethical job of leading InterPlay. Connection with colleagues and mentors, and horizons ever-widening. Thank you to those who show us the way. 

.... Sumptuous scholarship, embodied excavations ...  And as always, sneaky-deep electric charges when diverse people (across age, race and ethnicity, nationality and professions)  spend time in body-intellectual discoveries. New facilitation techniques learned first-hand in voice and breath, story and song, dance and stillness, ease and flow, and letting-be, letting-go.


*Pictured are 3 "InterPlay Arts + Social Change Millennials" Rehana, Marie Bryce, Marie Garlock, with the clear n' compelling training leaders Ginny Going and Tom Henderson. Kate Amoss, who is an InterPlay leader in DC, generously homed us in her chakra-colored, handwoven art-adorned cottage in which she sees clients for counseling (enacted quite creatively) and in which she hosts small community rituals. Tangible love in that space. 

*The photos here close with a favorite poster from Chicago, where I traveled at the tail end of this DC training trip, to present at the Nat'l Communication Assoc. on a "Critical Inter/Cultural and Feminist Critiques of Organized Social Change Movements" panel the paper "(Cultural) Economies of Disease: Pink Ribbon Campaigns’ Global Circulation, a Transnational Feminist Reading" (met some remarkable colleagues there!). Hosted so generously by a mentor and inspiration in Chicago, Dr. Bob Hostetter, who runs North Park University's Conflict Transformation and Dialogue program, within Communication Arts.