Performance, collaborative research, and teaching for health, justice, and community-building.


In guest artist-scholar residencies in universities, hospitals, and other venues, a research-based live performance presentation is offered for faculty and students, employees and administrators, and/or affiliated organizations and their community partners. Preceding the final production, a series of workshops are custom-created for courses or affiliation groups, to promote inter-professional, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary engagement.

  • Residency in galleries and for conferences includes a research-based performance presentation, accompanied by public workshops and rehearsals, populated through an open call for participation from institutional and community partners.

  • Direction and co-direction of events for schools and institutions, whether part of an ongoing initiative or commissioned anew, can be offered in a week-long residency, or a series of meetings/workshops over a multi-week period.

  • A public talk or colloquy for advising faculty or administrative leaders can accompany the final production, open rehearsals and workshops.

Please inquire about tailored residency opportunities; references are available from former hosts. Each residency is created to the needs and unique visions of the host, to best gather and enliven connections among diverse stakeholders.

University Format

Violence and Conflict Transformation Residency - North Park University, Chicago, IL

  • 6-day Residency in movement/dance, theatre/design, and oral history performance direction for students in North Park University course "Performance and Social Change" led by chair Dr. Robert Hostetter. Based on students' semester long research with Dr. Hostetter in Garfield Park, Palestinian, El Salvadoran, and South Side peace organizers in Chicago.

  • Culminating in a public performance of the "Chicago Peacemakers Stories" (interviewees and city leaders in attendance, alongside faculty and students)

  • Workshops for courses in playwriting, conflict transformation, dialogue and communication

  • A performance/research presentation for faculty and students for the opening celebration of the Conflict Transformation Major "Restorative Justice and the Art of the Proverb: Culture, Land, Displacement and MNC's Mining in South Coast Kenya".

Health Communication, Cancer Cultures, and Performance Research - Louisiana State University, LA

  • 5-day Residency in Performance Studies, Health Communication, Cultural Studies and Communication for Social Change, for grad students and faculty in Department of Communication Studies, hosted by Dr. Tracy Stephenson Shaffer, Dr. David Terry, Dr. Loretta Pecchioni.

  • Collaborative rehearsals, culminating in a public performance of Flipping Cancer (graduate/undergraduate students, faculty, members of public including patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers facing cancers)

  • Workshop for graduate students and faculty, in InterPlay and performance research methodologies to guide and discern participants' research projects, and for ensemble development with co-performers

  • A performance/research colloquy, "Cancer Cultures: Performing the Politics of Health Justice," for faculty and students across disciplines (Communication Studies, Social Sciences, Health Sciences)

Politics of International Development, HIV, and the Body - Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

  • 4-day residency for It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania project with the Community Studies Center's "Mosaic Global Oral History Program"

  • 4 workshops for African and International Studies, Dance/Theater, Community Studies/Oral History

  • A luncheon roundtable with faculty and students

  • Artist recruitment/rehearsals with dance/theater program

  • Full production support for evening performance of It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania, dialogue with faculty following

Crossing Borders Immigration and Oral History Performance Residency - North Park University, Chicago, IL

  • 5-day Residency to co-direct oral history performance and movement/dance, theater/design principles for students in "Performance and Social Change" course led by chair Dr. Robert Hostetter, based on student research in Albany Park, where more than 40% of residents are undocumented or refugees/asylees

  • Culminating in a public performance of "Crossing Borders" with interviewees, deans, faculty, students in attendance

  • Workshops for courses across department in performance, peacebuilding, ethnography

  • Two Artist's Performance Presentations in residency to develop artistic work -- full production support and open theater space -- for "Healing Movements, Economies of Disease." Performed once for students attending classes in curriculums across the school, including Nursing, Biology, Psychology, Divinity, Dialogue Program, Communication Arts, Theater and Performance Studies, Exercise and Sport Science. Performed again in evening performance open for faculty, students, and community members/public, with facilitated dialogue following.



Miami Beach Urban Studios Gallery Residency - Florida International University, Miami, FL

  • 3-day Residency to develop performance "Economies of Dis/ease" (dance/oral history installation based on research with people facing cancer) in the MBUS gallery space in conversation with Geraldine Ondrizek's celebrated exhibit, Cellular

  • Culminating in performance for FIU's Art + Art History faculty and students, preceded by interactive workshop, and followed by facilitated dialogue

  • A second public performance evening (local patrons, faculty, students), with full production support for "Economies of Dis/ease" and faculty panel following



Communication for Development and Social Change Global Conference - Ohio University, Athens, OH

  • 2-day Residency, artist recruitment / rehearsals with host institution's and conference's international graduate students and faculty

  • Evening Keynote Performance - Programming for opening night of conference, to welcome all guests. Facilitated dialogue following It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania performance


Upper/High School

Carolina Friends School Residency - Durham, NC

  • 8-day residency with students in upper-school, visiting courses across all curricula for workshops, dialogue and excerpts of It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania (Civil Rights, Post-Colonialism, Art + Social Change, Mythology, Music, Dance Collaborations, Theater)

  • Meeting with upper school students and faculty at weekly summit, to introduce project / show

  • Rehearsals daily with advanced dance students and music students as guest artists in performance

  • Culminating in a morning performance of It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania (of "collaborative one-woman performance" of critical ethnography on the politics of international development, HIV and the body). Performed for entire upper school (250 students) and all teachers, with facilitated dialogue following


Community History Center

Jackson Center for Making and Saving History: Living Black History Series - Chapel Hill, NC

  • Week-long Residency, with rehearsals / artist recruitment from youth activist members of the Jackson Community Center and young dancers from St. Joseph's CME Church. Incorporating participants as artists (dancers, musicians, poets) into the It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania project.

  • Full production support for evening performance of It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania, open to the public, featuring local community artists; facilitated dialogue (by community leaders) and fellowship dinner following.


Other Residency Examples

InterPlayce Oakland: "Flipping Cancer" performance for Arts + Social Change Global Symposium (with 2 week training), joined by InterPlay's Phil Porter, Cynthia Winton Henry, Soyinka Rahim and Breast Cancer Action's Sahru Keiser, MPH

UNC School of Medicine: "Flipping Cancer" artist-scholar residency + performance for clinical application phase (3rd year) student body, faculty; three InterPlay for Cancer Care settings workshops with UNC Hospitals; curriculum consultation with faculty for breakout dialogue sessions (8 sections of 20 students each with interdisciplinary faculty)

San Jose State University: “It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania” artist’s residency + performance (3-day residency, with full performance, artists recruitment/rehearsals, 2 workshops for Communication, Performance and Ethnography courses)

California State University-Fresno: “It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania” artist’s residency + performance (1-day residency, with full performance, artists recruitment/rehearsals)

North Park University, Chicago: “It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania” artist’s residency, School of Nursing, African Studies, Dialogue + Conflict Transformation (4 day residency, with full performance, artists recruitment/rehearsals, 4 workshops)

The Process Series: New Works in Development, UNC Chapel Hill: : “It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania”  Gerrard Hall / Carolina Performing Arts artist’s residency, performance for inaugural season opening

Short-term: Tailored workshops with excerpts from “It is In You: Health Justice Performance in Tanzania” include Duke University Global Health and UNC Chapel Hill Global Health, African Studies, Upward Bound Youth Program