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{{ Barbara Celebrations! }}

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We love you mom, so much. Thanks for teaching us how to be, welcoming the Divine flow, in creative energy and artful service to a higher vision, in defiant spunkiness and fun-out-of-everything, in devotion to beloveds and beauty and a bodacious God, and love ~ love ~ love ~ love.

June 2016 Sources o' Love, Light.


Sacred Works of Art - Body Altars

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Giving Thanks:

These ARE MY PEOPLE! {{ grateful }}

Soyinka teaches a workshop: how to be a living altar piece  to alter peace ... we make BIBO candles "BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT" as a reminder she gives to do just that, deeply. She leads us through her RACE DANCE curriculum -- a practice in dance/movement and meditation, stillness and breath, a visual, living installation to name the barriers perpetuating and the assets needed for addressing racism & injustice...

Cynthia has an artist's studio: overflowing with sacred visualities, tangible altars she's made (they feel like dreamscapes) ... an outpouring of her spirit trained up to see all the textures, and invite us to touch them too ... to make shiny red take-away boxes that remind us there is always mystery, grace (grace, grace) of physicality ....

Phil lights so many flames: with the stories he tells, the {genius} bodywisdom he culls and curates... the hilarity he finds in the ridiculously-obscured and most-stuck-places, which he cracks open for all ...

13 other participants from India, Canada, Australia, across the US: adorn the studio space with their unique voices and visions for social action that ignites our bodies, minds, transnational collectivities .... Agnotti who leads so fluidly through the light/dark spots -- linking the Constellations of what we must know, Sukhmani as most nuanced clown there is -- traveling the world to bring laughter and curiosity to dampened hearts, Kristin as dancer of thresholds/honorer of all possibility, Robert as Mississippi nourishment-justice and freedom-curator, Candice as the masseuse of souls -- listener to inner-rhythms of the disenfranchised from Berkeley to Delhi when no one else can/will, Libby as Brooklyn Poetess of Embodied Vibe, Arpita as love nymph who decorates the crowns of each head -- no exceptions -- with dignity, Rebecca as Australian cultivator of confidence and gentle-ease among the communication-vulnerable, Jason as the Boston Globe Master-Carrier of every art form there is, Mindy as queen of re-framing embodied compassion, Owen as keeper of the best-hidden hilarities, Marie Bryce as wild-hearted storyteller who finds entire forests of freedom-songs, powerful clear Janina who strings your dreams -- right before you -- onto strands of golden paper cranes.

Stacy Grove plays: the outer-most edges of singing bowls, they hum with the love of all who have sent us here through HeartSpace Spiritual Resources ... her table of instruments buzzes, resonant with investments in people-power and collective recalibrations of what it means to be ill and well, in communicative generativity ...

Kimberley Korb and my mom and I's women's circle -- among the larger community who've supported this trek to train in InterPlay and research health justice / healing economies: show up everyday, in new ways ... reminding with prayer and surprising bits of poetry to "awaken the creative energy body" ... especially when it hurts, or is undone enough to open to new angles, intuited clarities ....

Secrets of Leading -- DC InterPlay Training

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Joy upon Joy. To be supported in training-up to do an informed, ethical job of leading InterPlay. Connection with colleagues and mentors, and horizons ever-widening. Thank you to those who show us the way. 

.... Sumptuous scholarship, embodied excavations ...  And as always, sneaky-deep electric charges when diverse people (across age, race and ethnicity, nationality and professions)  spend time in body-intellectual discoveries. New facilitation techniques learned first-hand in voice and breath, story and song, dance and stillness, ease and flow, and letting-be, letting-go.


*Pictured are 3 "InterPlay Arts + Social Change Millennials" Rehana, Marie Bryce, Marie Garlock, with the clear n' compelling training leaders Ginny Going and Tom Henderson. Kate Amoss, who is an InterPlay leader in DC, generously homed us in her chakra-colored, handwoven art-adorned cottage in which she sees clients for counseling (enacted quite creatively) and in which she hosts small community rituals. Tangible love in that space. 

*The photos here close with a favorite poster from Chicago, where I traveled at the tail end of this DC training trip, to present at the Nat'l Communication Assoc. on a "Critical Inter/Cultural and Feminist Critiques of Organized Social Change Movements" panel the paper "(Cultural) Economies of Disease: Pink Ribbon Campaigns’ Global Circulation, a Transnational Feminist Reading" (met some remarkable colleagues there!). Hosted so generously by a mentor and inspiration in Chicago, Dr. Bob Hostetter, who runs North Park University's Conflict Transformation and Dialogue program, within Communication Arts. 

Breast Cancer Action! HQ Visit in San Francisco

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Breast Cancer Action! BCAction. It's real. A view from inside a dream organization: shifting the status quo of breast cancer in the US (its domestic and global reach) today. Hooray for brilliant, bodacious, clear, compelling work that involves community, policy, activism, and embodied, mindful, soul-full advocacy.


Some pictures of the San Francisco HQ of BCA, volunteering / research / connection meetings with staff and leaders. So much admiration, and gratitude, from my whole extended family -- of relatives and fire-starters (especially Barbara Garlock, Deo and Hunter, Andrew, affiliated friend Doris Ann Price, and more....).

InterPlay Graduation: Anointing with Sparkles and Feathers (Oh MY!)

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Um, so this is THE - MOST - FUN - GRADUATION that's ever existed! The boundaries continue to just explode open with Phil and Cynthia, Agnotti, Soyinka, and their Wing It! troubadours.

What gorgeous human beings to keep company with: how does one get so dang lucky? All I know is that being blessed and anointed, flower adorned with offerings and prayer reminds you that it is not yours to question "why", but simply, sometimes to receive with gratitude. A thankfulness that enlivens you to dance, and sing, and praise, with less inhibition and fewer "am I good enough?" blocks. To perform and explore, to learn and re-learn and un-learn with contemporaries who share the same commitments to social action, embodied exploration, and spirited weaving of the human and divine -- it's pretty much like receiving a communion or big old forehead full of holy oil. But it's across your whole body, and from the inside out. You accept, are humbled, and proceed to revel.

What a group of teachers and friends. Inspiring, grounding, rooting -- re-rooting -- helping one another listen for the gusts swirling all around them, by which to soar as they never could have before this serendipitous, immersive meeting.

Big Sur

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It could be called Big Sur-Real!


Such Beauty and Epic love, in outdoor adventures with Janina Graves. What a powerful, big-expanse way to let the teachings of our InterPlay training settle in ....and unsettle all the layers of bodymindspiritsoul within us. Giving the most profound thanks {!!!!!!}


And here.... are the Redwood Trees that will (and have) become my anchor-place. One, I hope, too, for my family. Very much feeling the encouragement, and bubble-up-to-surprise presence of my mom Barbara Garlock in this place. Her light-refractive flow is here ... so come visit!


Learning and Re-learning .... and an {artists' salon}!

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Whoah! Who knew that my call would come so visibly and viscerally so soon? When you ask to learn, sometimes the opportunities whack you upside the chest. The beautiful and painful both exist. Our elders' teachings are gifts, to be celebrated and respected. And the ways in which new generations, as Soyinka says, "teach elders how to be teachers" is equally as true. 

Planetary Dance was taught by Anna Halprin at her mountain home studio, and we (Soyinka and I) were kindly welcomed to join by a group of Korean Buddhist nuns. It was an honor to enter this sacred space, and a lot of learning took place regarding leadership and compassion.


Flipping Cancer. -- In Oakland -- With InterPlay and Breast Cancer Action

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What gifts! This community of embodied inquirers, action makers, world-rumble-shakers has welcomed in the Flipping Cancer. project with such verve, generosity, and commitment, for its "residency" at InterPlayce and public showing -- as supported by, and dedicated to, community from NC and across the nation, people impacted by cancer in profound ways.

Through the InterPlay community, Breast Cancer Action, and a network of friend connections in the larger Bay Area (!), I've received the chance to really delve into the soul of this project. While taking more risks in the piece itself, I was also honored to invite people willing to take their own risks as audience members to be a more integrated part of this piece. This was a dream, as the project itself is about highlighting the ways we each (can) become activated to enliven and participate in vital movements for health justice in our world today.  

So grateful to put on their feet the spots of conceptual re-framing UNC Director/mentor Joseph Megel and I tried out before traveling with Flipping Cancer. to Oakland, CA. So limitlessly thankful for the constructive, rigorous, willing community generated through the Millennial Arts + Social Change program that helped this NEW iteration of Flipping Cancer. come to life, and the mentors and colleagues who gave me the BEST feedback afterward about how to shape it from here. (per InterPlay body wisdom, I accepted the exhilarating and nerve-wracking invitation to be brave, and try out a few never-done-before elements in the show. Some went really well and will be kept, some I now know I can release to the winds! "Get on, Get off, Get over it!" goes the InterPlay adage about structured improvisation and performative play).


Rev. Stacy Grove, joining from NC, with the love and donations of our community and supporters, offered healing soundscapes to the entire audience. (Rehearsing with Stacy in the Redwoods over the weekend -- what beauty!). To collaborate with my mentor friend Stacy is such an honor -- including now traveling the span of the nation for the Flipping Cancer. performance installation. This project itself is so inspired by the modalities Stacy and leaders like her share with people who face cancers, including many whose interviews/oral histories show up in the piece (Stacy is an Interfaith Chaplain, sound musician, a minister and spiritual director who works with people otherwise isolated and in pain who deal with chronic illness as patients, and as family members and caregivers). I am reminded of the profound teachings of Dr. Ananya Chatterjea, whose Art and Social Justice Repertory at the ADF school (now so many years ago, 2008!) encouraged all students to incorporate a commitment to social justice into absolutely every level of our art making -- from the philosophy of the collaborators we choose to the places we source our costumes/materials. This is why it's vital to have Stacy on board. Her commitment aligns so powerfully with the Flipping Cancer. project: to shift cancer from the cellular to the clinical to the community level, and back again.


...Did I mention that Breast Cancer Action (hero!) leader Sahru Keiser was the respondent after the piece? She brought excellent materials (pins, action items, volunteer and activism opportunities to shift the status quo of breast cancer in the US and transnationally). Even an audience of troopers (out late on a Monday night) was so glad to receive them, and to engage in one vital angle of discussion the Flipping Cancer. project opens -- our conflicted and often contradictory relationship to Breast Cancer "Pink Ribbon" campaigns.


Wondrous discussion with artist-mentors Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter and Soyinka Rahim ensued in the week following the piece, as well as with colleagues Marie Bryce, Rebecca Amery, and a cutting-splicing session with Boston artist-extraordinaire Jason Jedruzciak. {{{...thank you for shaping where the project goes from here! }}}

Redwood Meditations - The Outdoor Solo

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Cradled in the heart of a Big Mama Redwood Tree. The Ancients are Current ("zamani na sasa" says Michael). And the forest sings us any number of hymns -- hilarious poetry about curbing your ego, ways to fire off compliments faster than "yo mama" jokes, ways to listen and ask for others' love songs as a reminder for why and how to live your own.